Some of the best people to talk about life at Browning Masonic Community are our own residents. Read some of their comments below too see what they have to say about their community.

Ginnie, Resident:
“What I love about this place is it makes me feel free.”

Carrie, Resident:
“I am lucky to be as well as I am and it’s in part because of the place I am at.”

Bette, Resident:
“People who live here are wonderful. We do for one another and try to help out if you need it. Everyone is sociable and the office staff help is great.”

Barb, Resident:
“I just love everything about this place. Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled rotten where all your needs are taken care of with three meals a day, a wonderful apartment you’re not having to take care of and clean.”
“You’ve got the best of everything here, who would want to leave this?”

Lois, Resident:
“After spending my life mowing lawns and shoveling snow, I wanted something better. I wanted the freedom to come and go and do what I want. I found it here at Browning Masonic Community.”
“I enjoy the walking path around the lake here. I can fish there. There are nice areas to sit and a gazebo where you can relax and enjoy the breeze.”

Ginnie, Resident:
“It’s like Utopia for seniors here. I keep listening for angel harps.”
About the staff: “Their efficiency and compassion expedited my move. Everyone treats you like they care about your situation, right down to the cooks and servers.”
“I feel free here.”

Dwight, Resident:
“Always look into the future and have an ace in the hole. My ace in the hole is Browning.”

Dorothy, Resident:
“We’ve been really happy here. My husband planned our future that way.”
“They’re considerate and go out of their way to do things for us.”
“It’s a great service for Masons and their wives and a very secure place to live.”

“We’re lucky to have the Browning. It’s in our backyard and its potential is being realized.”
“It’s a great place. If I die before Joyce, her first call will be to Browning to say, ‘I’m coming!'”
The Ohio Masonic Home has proven its value to the Masonic fraternity. They have taken care of my friends.”
“We all need to plan our futures and where we want to live. I don’t want to be forced into a rushed decision.”

“Masons from this area want to retire near their life-long friends in a quality community. With the Browning, we’re pretty well taken care of.”

Henry, Resident:
“This is my life. I want to enjoy it.”
“I love Masonry. Masons look out for the welfare of others – not just fellow Masons.”
“It’s a wonderful place. You have the serenity everyone is looking for, along with all the activities you could want.”
Henry particularly likes his villa home. “I love having my own place. I have a nice big kitchen, all the appliances, plenty of cabinets, a big pantry, a skylight in the living room, two bedrooms, a nice big bath, a huge closet in the master bedroom and a big garage.”
He also appreciates not having to worry about maintaining his home. “The Browning staff takes care of all those difficult and time-consuming chores. I don’t have to mow the grass or shovel the snow either. I’m quite pleased.”

Juanita, Resident:
“I can walk into any Eastern Star meeting in the area, feel wanted and have a good time.”
“I love the friendliness here. Across the board – the people who live in the community and staff here are friendly. The staff watches out for everybody. I have a true sense of ownership and belonging here.”